Posted: 9/18/2018 1:53:22 PM
The population pressure decimated the supply of wild game and timber around the area. Early homesteaders in Avon were among the enterprising few who took the mountain pass over to the west side of Battle Mountain to explore the Eagle River drainage for new opportunities. Geologists from the Hayden Geological Survey camping in the area in 1874 came across a few of them catching "sacks full" of fish to sell to the gold miners in the California Gulch near Leadville.
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Posted: 9/13/2018 11:30:40 AM
 Without a quaint old downtown to trigger your imagination, you may think there was nothing here until the ski industry came calling and brought it to life, but Avon was a community long before the 1978 milestone that declared it a "real town."

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Posted: 9/6/2018 4:17:51 PM
SaddleRidge was built in 1987 as an executive retreat by Shearson Lehman Brothers at a spare-no-expense price tag of $40 million. The interior was designed by the late Naomi Leff of New York, who also created the flagship Ralph Lauren store in Manhattan.
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Posted: 8/22/2018 1:44:12 PM
The Denver Post says, "We can call them old, we can call them restaurants of a certain age, but no matter the semantics, these are spots that have stood the test of time."

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Posted: 8/2/2018 12:21:20 PM
The Sweetwater Cave, is located about one and a half miles up frp, the Sweetwater Lake and Resort.  Over the past couple of centures many people have been drawn to Sweetwater Lake, and they have fascinating stores.
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